Started in 1961 by André Courrèges, the label is best known for ultra-modern designs and geometric shapes. Originally a civil engineer, Courrèges worked throughout the 1950s as a fitter at the House of Balenciaga. You can see the influence that experience had on him in his first collection but soon he came into his own and began moving towards a new direction. He used metals, PVC fabrics and primary colors in his collections and created the most influential fashions in the 'Space-Aged' style. One of the most iconic designers of the 60s, some say he is the inventor of the miniskirt and he was the first to show tunics over pants on his runways. His work was extremely popular and therefore widely copied. Cheap copies of his work were available world-wide and as a reaction towards this, Courreges suddenly sold his business near the end of 1965. Two years later, he  reopened, and along with his couture lines, he introduced two ready-to-wear lines: Couture Future and Hyperbole.He also produced accessories and shoes under these labels.