An Italian family business that began in 1918 with a fur and leather shop, Fendi officially became a fashion house in 1954 under the direction of Adele Casagrande Fendi.  She worked closely with manufacturers and gained notoriety for using unusual and forgotten pelts. She also introduced color to fur. In the mid 1960s Fendi hired designer Karl Lagerfeld who designed their famous inverted double F logo for the label. The direction of the company changed from a small luxury fur line to a high profile label synonymous with elite status. The fur collection became more fun and easy to wear. In 1966 their first couture fur collection was presented, followed by a ready to wear collection in 1969. Fendi leather goods were introduced to the United States through Bloomingdales, followed by other department stores. The chic accessories of the 1980s and 1990s helped to expand their customer base to a new generation. The “baguette” leather handbag was a best seller for the company and the demand for their leather bags continues today. The Fendi third generation launched Fendissime, a line that includes not only furs, but also sportswear and accessories.