Pino Lancetti is an Italian fashion designer from the Perugian town of Gualdo Tadino. He was one of the main haute couture designers in Italy. He opened a small atelier in Rome, sold freelance sketches to fashion salons and designed for the House of Carosa. Since Italian fashion houses producing high fashion – alta mode, started opening salons in Rome, Lancetti did the same in 1961. One of his first collections was displayed in the Pitti palace in Florence. In the years to come the designer joined Fabiani, Capucci, Mila Schon and Valentino in the Rome shows. Lancetti drew inspiration for his fabrics and designs from paintings of major artists such as Kandinsky, Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse. He visited galleries continuously, which influenced his cut and construction. Lancetti became head of a handicraft company and was very popular among wealthy ladies who appreciated the luxury and fine quality of his clothes. Some of his clients were Princess Soraya, Queen Paola of Belgium, Salima Aga Khan, actresses Silvana Mangano and Monica Vitti, who highly appreciated his unique beaded dresses. In 1963 the designer turned to production of clothes appropriate for daily occasions. He had a successful collection based on military details and leather, but never produced ordinary clothes such as jeans, because he strongly believed that women are to be elegant. One of his best collections were the clothing items dedicated to Picasso presented at the French Academy at Villa Medici in 1986.