Guccio Gucci founded his leather works shop in 1921 in Florence, Italy and he sold leather products as well as did leather repairs. All through the 1920s Gucci made luggage and the various leather containers that well-to-do travelers required. By the 1930s he had expanded to shoes and handbags. During the war years when leather was scarce, Gucci turned to canvas, developing a signature printed canvas that led to the famous double-G logo that came out some years later. In 1950 the label was taken over by Guccio's son and they opened their first US store. Around this time the company began its use of the trademark green and red striped found on so many of their products and by the 1960s Gucci was a well-known luxury brand internationally. In the mid 60s the label introduced two more of their iconic pieces, the floral silk scarf and the loafer with the snaffle bit and shortly after they began designing leather and silk clothing alongside accessories. Reaching an all time fashion high in the 1980s during the logo craze, Gucci has remained one of the most iconic luxury good label.