Norman Norell

Normal Norell was one of the first American designers to have his name on a dress label. Partnering with Hattie Carnegie from 1928-1940 and then with Anthony Traina until his death in 1960. Up to this point, Norell's name only appeared on tags as Triana-Norell until 1960 when he formed his own company, Norman Norell. Norell used a basic repertoire of shapes with extravagant trims such as fur ans leather. He was known for the waistless chemise dress, his “mermaid” sequin sheaths and for making day sportswear shapes in evening fabrics and doing up sport fabrics for evening. Gustave Tassell took over the design house after Norell’s death in 1972. During this time, the label reads, Norman Norell by Tassell. The company closed in 1976.